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David Ortiz
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David Perales
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Jorge Torres
Jorge Torres

Jorge Torres was born in Saltillo Mexico. Jorge started his musical dream at a very early age when he joined the Estudiantina (Mexican Folkloric Musical group) in elementary school. During his Junior High years Jorge joined the Rondalla de la Secundaria Prof. Federico Berrueto Ramon with which he recorded his first record. Then he became a member of the Rondalla Del Ateneo Fuente during his High school Years. Jorge also was part of one of the best Church Choirs of Mexico El Coro del Perpetuo Socorro de Saltillo. With this group he won a National Choir Competition and recorded three albums. Eventually he became the Director of this Choir for several years. Jorge joined The Rondalla de Saltillo for a short time, and then he traveled to study music at Emporia State University, where he played with the International Choir. He then went back to Mexico to play with professional trio Los Charros Aventureros. In 1995 Jorge joined the Mariachi Estrella. He became the owner of the Group in 2002. After taking a break, Jorge returns to the Mariachi Estrella to bring his experience, showmanship, and passion for the music.

Leopoldo Rodriguez
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